The Year We Grew Up – Chapter Twenty.

Good Friends and Good News.

I’d been shocked of course by the news that Adam had left without saying anything. When I told Zack he didn’t react surprised, he told me that’s exactly how it was when he’d gone to New York. He said it was a week later when he got a text message saying he was in America with Sophie and wouldn’t be coming back, that he could have the attic.

I said I arranged with Aaron to go over and see them, I told him that Sammy was going to move in. I suggested that maybe we could search for clues, but Aaron had said he’d cleared out all his stuff. Zack doubted we would find anything, he didn’t have much stuff with him, just a bag and a suitcase. He didn’t think either, that Adam would be in touch.

We called round to the old apart and were greeted by Aaron and Sammy, they both looked incredibly happy, it made me wonder if that was simply because they were in love or that they had decided to live together as a couple in the apart which with Adam gone they now had to themselves.

“So are you two going to keep the apartment just for you,” I asked, “or get someone else to move in?”

“Just for us,” Aaron smiled, “for a little while anyway.”

Sammy had that look in her eyes as she looked at Aaron, you definitely couldn’t mistake that they were in love with each other.

“Aaron’s been telling me about everything that’s been going on,” Sammy said. “I never really got to know Adam, neither of us did.”

“Nor me,” I replied, “Zack is the only one here who really knows anything about him.”

“I’m not sure I do,” Zack said. “We lived together for a couple of months, before I met Mikey, and before he disappeared to America with his girlfriend.”

“It’s not the first time he’s done a disappearing act then,” Sammy said, making a statement.

“I thought he was gay,” Aaron added.

“We were a couple,” Zack looked a little uncomfortable talking about this, I’m sure he would have preferred not to. “At least I thought we were.”

“I understand,” Aaron changed the direction of the conversation, he was sensetive to Zack’s discomfort. “Maybe you want to take a look round his room, but I don’t think he left anything behind.”

Zack took the opportunity to get up, to avoid continuing to talk about himself. “We might as well,” he said.

I followed him into my old bedroom and thoughts of Josh came immediately into focus, I wasn’t very intent on searching for clues to Adam’s disappearance, the room was practically devoid of anything personal. The only object left behind that I noticed was the little square digital clock on the side of the furthest bed, but that used to be Josh’s bed and it was his clock.

“I hate talking about me and Adam,” Zack interupted my images of Josh that were floating around in my head.

“Yes, I know,” I replied, I could have added, ‘and anything about yourself,’ but I didn’t. “There’s nothing here,” was all I said.

We went back and rejoined Sammy and Aaron in the lounge. “Mikey,” Aaron said as we entered, “you’re a good friend and I suppose it was chance, but any how, I wanted to say thanks for getting me to move in here. I probably would still be living at home if you hadn’t asked me to move in.”

“It wasn’t chance,” I replied, “it was because Mark couldn’t make up his mind. I should thank you, it would all have fallen apart if you hadn’t said ‘yes’ to moving in.”

He smiled and I saw him take Sammy’s hand in his, which was kind of cute and very affectionate. “We’ve got something to tell the both of you,” he was still smiling, grinning actually.

“We’ve got lots to tell you,” Sammy added glancing curiously at Aaron as if they were sharing a secret.

“Yes,” Aaron agreed, “but first things first.”

Zack looked just as intrigued as I about what news the two of them might have. I did think to myself that maybe finally Hayym, Aaron’s grandfather, had come round to talking about his adoption.

“Well…” Aaron started, then paused, he also knew how to have dramatic effect.

“Come on Aaron,” Zack smiled at him, “spill the beans. I can see you’re both excited about something.”

“We are Zack, we are,” he replied and Sammy covered Aaron’s hand with her’s as if prompting him to speak. “Sammy is pregnant, we’re going to be parents!” He looked like he could hardly contain his joy.

Zack and I spontaneously jumped up, we all stood up together, and there we were like idiots hugging each other and dancing around in the middle of the room.

“Wait a minute,” Aaron said, “I’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.”

We calmed down, Aaron fetched the champagne and we toasted the future baby and the happy couple.

When we had just about finished the congratulations, and I have to admit that any thoughts about Adam and Josh had gone out of my head, we sat back in a moment of silence, I had to let the news sink in.

“That’s not the only news,” Aaron was talking again.

“It’s twins!” Zack exclaimed joking.

“Haha,” Aaron smiled, “no, it’s not twins.”

“Well then,” I prompted.

“Sammy and I went to see my mum with the news,” Aaron explained.

Together he and Sammy recounted how they had shared the news and how delighted Aaron’s mum was, she would soon be a grandmother. They had talked to her about Aaron’s adoption, about his need to know the whole story and for the first time ever his mum had opened up about his birth.

It was extremely emotional for everyone, but at last Aaron had discovered his origins. When his grandfather had told him he was born into the family it was true, what he didn’t say is that Aaron’s father who he never really knew because he died when he was young, was actually his uncle.

It was a tragic history of a liaison with a women who disappeared almost immediately after his birth, leaving the new born baby with his father, his real father, who could not look after the baby. His uncle became his adoptive father, but he died in an accident, Aaron already new that part, and his real father, his birth father suffered depression and alcoholism and never got over that episode in his life, he also is no longer alive.

Sammy and Aaron didn’t have all the details of course, who his mother was, why she had abandoned her baby, nothing was clear in detail, but he did now know his origins and that was something, it was a lot.

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