The Year We Grew Up – Chapter Twenty Two.


Saturday morning we were neither of us in a hurry to get out of bed. Yesterday had been one of those really good days where everything goes right and last night Zack and I had tumbled into bed and into each others arms. When I finally made up my mind to get up and make the coffee, I couldn’t stop myself from lying back down on top of him as I crawled over.

Zack was awake, he pulled me close with both arms wrapped around me, my hard cock was flat against his stomach and I felt Zack’s cock prodding between my legs, gently touching my balls. He kissed me, our tongues played together, I could have made love all over again, but I didn’t, I pushed myself off him and walked over to the kitchen.

“You’re beautiful naked,” he smiled watching me.

I turned around to look at him lying in bed, my cock was sticking straight out. “I love that,” he said.

“What?” I questioned.

“You… with an erection!” He pulled back the duvet cover to reveal his own nakedness, and his hard on.

“Cut it out,” I said, “I’m gonna make some coffee,” and I turned back to the coffee machine.

“And nice ass!” He added. I smiled, but he couldn’t see the smile because I had my back to him.

A couple of minutes later he was sitting up in bed drinking his coffee and I was sitting on the edge watching him. “There’s a lot of stuff about me I haven’t told you,” he said as he finished his coffee.

“I know, but I never wanted to force you,” I replied.

“I know that too,” he answered. “Make me another coffee please, and I’ll tell you about me.” It was something I had been patiently waiting for, the moment when Zack felt secure enough about us, secure enough in the relationship, to open up.

The machine gurgled and spluttered, very soon Zack had a fresh cup of coffee in his hand and I was back on the bed listening to him. “You know I have a brother,” he started, I knew that, I’d met Lucas, but Zack didn’t know. “He’s younger than me…”

Zack told me the story of his family, exactly the same story Lucas had told me. He finished by saying, “We’re very close Lucas and me. I tell him everything, well almost, because I tell you somethings that he doesn’t know.”

I leaned over and kissed him, I felt very emotional, yesterday I’d got Josh back and today I got closer to Zack than ever before and I knew we were solid. “Zack,” I said, “I’ve met Lucas.” He was surprised, but not completely. I explained that Lucas had come around one afternoon before he was back from college, that he wanted to make sure I wasn’t a bad person, that I wouldn’t hurt his big brother. “He needed to know I wasn’t another Adam,” I told him.

I could see that Zack was really affected by what I was saying, his eyes were glistening, I think he was one step away from tears. “You must have told Lucas about us,” I said, “because he knew who I was, even if I didn’t know him.”

Zack wasn’t able to answer, he looked me in the eyes and smiled nodding, a tear drop glided down his cheek. In that instant he was the most beautiful, most vulnerable boy in the world. I wrapped him in my arms and hugged him, we held each other crying until finally we stopped and wiped away each others tears.

* * * * * *

Later that same day Zack was standing downstairs with the front door open, he had gone to answer the bell when someone rang. “Mikey, Mikey!” There was an urgency in his voice that made my hair tingle and gave me a dark feeling of aprehension.

I rushed to join him downstairs and looked past him at the hunched figure of an elderly man, definitely some years older than my parents, I had the strangest sensation that I knew this person.

“Michael,” he said my name, Zack moved aside so I was now standing directly in front of him. It seemed to me that this powerfully built man, with large hands, was bent under the weight of some invisible load. “Michael,” he repeated as if he had great difficulty to say anything other than my name.

Zack must have felt the same invisible feeling of foreboding, he was trembling, who was this man?

“Do you remember me?” he asked. I wasn’t sure, I thought I did.

“I’m your Uncle Jack,” he added, “we haven’t seen each other since your aunt and I arrived at your mother’s.”

It all fell into place now, Aunt Jane and Uncle Jack from Canada, my mother’s sister and her husband. “Yes, I’m sorry,” I said, “I thought I knew you, but I must have been quite young…” My sentence trailed off and disappeared into the leaden atmosphere, buried in the gloom.

“Michael,” the man, my uncle, repeated for the third time. “I’m sorry…”

At that moment I knew what he was going to say, my chest was so tight I could hardly breathe, my lips trembled, tears flooded down my cheeks, I was shaking uncontrolably. Those large hands gripped my shoulders and pulled me into a powerful embrace. That old man held me on my feet.

“I’m so sorry Michael, your father passed away this morning.”

I don’t remember anything else, I don’t know what happened next, I found myself sitting on the bed next to Zack in the attic. Uncle Jack was incongruously seated on the kitchen bar stool, he looked out of place here. Zack was offering me a glass of whiskey and I remember saying to him, can you put some coke in it.

The next few days are all very hazy, things happened, we saw people, Zack was always there next to me. I remember thinking that Lucas had told me their father didn’t know Zack was gay and neither did mine and now I would never get the chance to tell him.

Some things in life get resolved, others never do!


The End.