The Year We Grew Up – Chapter Three.

Living Together.

The first floor apartment turned out to be great, despite the terrible decor, the one gas fire in the hall downstairs that was the only heating, the mice doing acrobatic trapeze, walking in line across the airing cupboard clothes line and the inevitable minor disputes which were part of getting accustomed to living together.

Both Josh and Aaron were into wholefood organic vegetarianism, whereas I was not, but it soon became apparent that my living out of tins and ready meals just wasn’t going to work. For one thing it was too expensive and secondly it kind of jarred with living together. OK we divided up the cupboard and fridge space, I bought my own stuff and Josh pooled his money with Aaron. After one shopping trip and no more than three days of that divide in communal living, I gave up and joined them.

Actually it wasn’t that hard, no one was exactly cooking gourmet meals, I think only Josh had any idea of how to cook. It’s odd, I suppose, that Aaron had immediately joined with Josh on the vegetarian thing. I mean Josh it’s easy to see, his mother was into all that stuff, anti-vivisection, animal rights and chemical free living. But Aaron grew up on kosher food cooked by his mum, I always remember having my first beigle round at his place. I suppose it’s my ignorance of Judaism that I simply thought Jews ate like everybody else, except their meat was kosher.

It didn’t take Aaron long to set me straight about Jewish eating during one of our first heated discussions. Well he wasn’t nasty or anything, but Aaron did sort of put me in my place when I told him I couldn’t understand why he was going along with the vegetarian thing. He simply informed me that it was not prohibited for Jews to eat meat, but that a lot of Jews consider vegetarianism was a moral preference and that vegetarianism goes back right to the very beginning of Judaism.

You could say it was a hectic first week as we set out a sort of mutually agreed path for living together. Josh was a little reserved, well actually more like uptight, that’s a better description. He always put on pyjamas when going to bed and locked the bathroom door when he was in the shower. In that first week I only ever saw him naked once when we had all decided to turn in for the night at the same time. Even then when he had to get changed for bed next to me, in the same room that we shared, he turned his back to me.

You have to contrast that with my way of being and I wouldn’t in anyway call myself an exhibitionist, but it didn’t bother me being naked in front of him. I usually slept naked or with just my boxers on and I had no problem drying off in the bathroom, leaving my towel there and going naked back to our room to get dressed. Aaron was the same, although I don’t know if he slept naked. One morning I opened the bathroom door and I came face to face with Aaron who was stark naked. I had to look away and mumbled something about how I didn’t know anyone was in there, at the same time I couldn’t help but admire his body and he had a nice cock, circumsised of course.

That night I dreamt about him and it was one of those vivid almost real dreams. I remembered it for two reasons, firstly, I woke up with a jolt from the dream when Aaron touched my shoulder and I had a very strong hard on. Secondly, because when I woke up I realised it wasn’t Aaron’s hand on my shoulder, but Josh’s. “You were talking in your sleep,” he said leaning over me.

“Was I?” I questioned, thinking to myself jeez what the hell did I say.

“Yeah, pretty loudly,” Josh replied.

Now I was getting worried because if I wasn’t just mumbling incoherently, then that means I might have said something I didn’t want Josh to hear, especially as I was having a sexy dream. “I don’t know what I was dreaming about,” I lied, I wanted Josh to tell me what he heard.

“Well,” he said, looking at me and grinning.

It looked like he was enjoying this and amusing himself by draging it out. “Well what?” I replied. “What did I say?”

His grin got bigger, if that was even possible. “I heard you say fuck…” he paused.

“Fuck,” I repeated and thinking on my feet. “I was swearing?”

“I wouldn’t exactly say that.”

I couldn’t support his teasing any longer and I jumped up out of bed grabbing his arm, the one he had been resting on my shoulder. I was about to wrestle him into telling me what he had heard me say when I suddenly realised I still had a hard on. Luckily that night I’d slept with my boxers on, but nevertheless there was no hiding it. I stopped dead, standing right there in front of him, I let go of his arm and couldn’t decide if I should try to cover up, turn around or do nothing at all.

I opted for turning around and opening the bedroom door to escape. At the same time I said, “I need to pee.” It was the only excuse that came to me.

As I was disappearing down the hall I heard Josh call after me, “You said fuck it.” The little shit I thought, I’ll make him pay for that.

The kitchen was tiny, it had a gas cooker, small fridge and a little table at the far end under the window that you could just manage to sit the three of us around. During breakfast, that was toast and coffee, Josh was complaining about no juice. “Next time we go shopping we need to get some fresh orange juice.”

“Josh,” I replied. “I don’t know that we can afford those luxuries.”

Aaron was drinking his coffee, but joined in. “Let’s just see what money’s in the kitty when we go shopping, I don’t want to start the day off arguing.”

“Nor do I,” Josh replied. ” I’d much rather start it off like Mikey here.”

He could really be a little prick sometimes, still going on about my hard on this morning, but I wasn’t having any of it. I told him, “Let it drop, OK” I gave him my heavy stare, eyebrows drawn in. It shut him up.

“I found out I can get a copy of my original birth certificate.” Thankfully Aaron changed the subject.

“That’s good, isn’t it?” I asked. “It will at least show your original name and who your parents were.”

“Yes, well at least it will give my mother’s name, but maybe, no actually, probably not my father.”

“It’s a start,” I ventured, trying to sound positive.

“I can also put my name on an adoption register for people that want to contact their birth parents.”

“That’s great,” Josh said enthusiastically. “You’ll be able to get in touch with them, your real parents.”

I don’t know what was up with Josh today, first teasing me, well that was a bit irritating, but OK. Now he is being pretty insensitive, saying ‘real parents’ for christ’s sake you don’t say that.

Aaron didn’t look too pleased, but he ignored Josh’s comment. “Being on the register doesn’t really do much though,” he continued. “It only means if one or other of your parents wants to contact you they know where to find you. It doesn’t allow me to trace them. The nearest I could get to that would be through a search agency, but it still comes back to if my birth parents want to contact me.”

There was a silence as we each contemplated the situation Aaron had described. I wasn’t sure what to say to him. He broke the silence himself. “No, I still need to talk to pops, my grandfather, that’s the key.”

Next- meeting Zack…

Chapter Four – Sunday Morning