The Year We Grew Up – Chapter Nine.

The Next Day.

The party last night was a turning point in my life, I still can’t believe everything that happened. I’m lying here in bed, my head propped up on one arm, I’m looking at Zack, I’m just watching him breathe, little shallow movements of his chest. I don’t want to wake him, it was well after 1AM when we went to bed last night and it’s not yet 9 o’clock.

I was very tired when we got back to Zack’s attic, it wasn’t just physical, but emotional, the stress of living undercover was lifted, if not completely, then a large part of it. Yes, I still had to face my father, but at least now all my friends know and they seem pretty much OK with it.

On top of all that I had Zack and that is worth a lot, more than I can say. If you’re wondering what happened last night when the two of us got back here, nothing much. We crawled under the duvet together and we kissed and cuddled, I don’t remember too much more, we must have fallen asleep in each others arms, at any rate that’s how I woke up.

Zack stirred and I decided I would have to wake him. I had litterally crawled into bed, over to the far side under the eaves and now in order to get out I had to crawl back over Zack. I needed to get up, I needed to pee and I needed some coffee.

I leaned over him and blew gently in his face, he stirred again but didn’t wake, so I crawled over on top of him. Zack opened his eyes and was looking straight up at me. “Morning sleepy head,” I said smiling. He pulled me down on top of him and kissed me.

“That’s a big hard on you got there,” he smiled back. “We will need to see about that later.”

“Later Zack,” I replied and gave him a little kiss on the tip of his nose, then another on his lips. “I need to get up and I could do with some coffee.”

Zack watched me crawl away over him and out of bed, then disappear into the tiny bathroom. When I came back he was standing in the kitchen pouring water into the coffee machine. I admired his body for a moment, the shape of his neck, his back and his really cute little ass. I stopped my fantasy before I got completely hard and listened to the sound of the coffee machine.

Just as he was stretching up to the cupboard for the cups I moved up behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest. He must have felt my manhood hard against his ass, he turned his head towards me and I whispered, “I love you.” He kissed me, then put the cups in place, pressed the button and the coffee machine gurgled and spluttered pouring out it’s two little cups of hot frothy coffee. Zack took one cup and passed it to me, he switched off the machine before it boiled the water again and took his coffee and sat on the edge of the bed. I took the kitchen stool and watched him drink his coffee, which made him smile.

“You haven’t stopped looking at me since the party last night,” he said.

“I know Zack, I know, I’m afraid if I stop looking it will all turn into a dream, and I’m just so in love with you.”

Zack patted the bed next to him and I walked across to join him there. He put his arm over my shoulder and turned towards me. “I love you too Mikey, and you might never know just how much that means to me, how much you mean to me.”

I think we drank at least two more coffees before taking a shower together. It was a tight squeeze, but very sexy. The warm water trickled over our bare skin, our bodies touched, his skin next to mine. We were both hard as rocks and we soaped foaming shower gel over each other.

When my hands carressed his buttocks my cock grew harder, if that was possible. Zack gripped my hard on in his soapy hand and started gliding his hand up and down. I moved my right hand to hold his hard on and I touched the tip with my finger, moving around, massaging the juice that was seeping out. After several minutes like this, playing with each other, we started a rythmic pumping action. What I did Zack copied, what he did I followed. It was like bringing yourself to a climax, but infinitely better with someone elses hand pumping your cock. We both ejaculated almost in unison.

“Oh wow Zack,” I said afterwards. “That was, it was really good.”

He smiled and kissed me, we dryed off and got dressed, drank yet another coffee and Zack did some toast. He must have heard my stomach rumbling.

* * * * * *

Around 12 o’clock we were back at the apartment, I told Zack we would have to help clean up, and I wasn’t wrong. Mostly everyone had gone home, but Mark was still there, Josh, Calvin, Aaron and Sammy. I suggested that we all go and get a curry for lunch at the Indian down the road. It’s not expensive and spicey food is good for hangovers, anyway I was hungry, the toast wasn’t quite enough to last the whole day.

If like me and probably half the country you have a habit of eating in Indian restaurants you will have noticed how very similar the decoration is in every restaurant. Usually quite dim lighting, rich colours, we were sitting on two dark red upholstered bench seats. When you look around you always see typical Indian pictures on the walls in gold frames. Then to top it all there is the unique Indian habit of shaking there head from side to side. They do this quite often when taking your order, it’s like sideways nodding, it’s very Indian and I just love that. Besides if you get to be served by a nice young Indian boy, always well dressed in black trousers, white shirt, it’s a feast for the eyes. I’ve often thought I could eat the waiter not just the food. Especially when he flashes you a stunning white teeth smile, the whiteness emphasized by the silky brown skin, and that’s happened to me more than once.

Josh and Calvin, Aaron and Sammy, sat opposite me, Zack and Mark. When the waiter arrived he was indeed very good looking, but I concentrated on the menu he handed me. Eventually we settled on a Dahl to start, then a selection of vegetarian dishes that we could all pick and choose from, plus some Parathas, which, if you don’t know, are really delicious Indian pancakes.

It was an excellent meal washed down with beer and water. It set us up to tackle the clean up which we managed to get done in a couple of hours. It was just coming up to four when Sammy said she needed to get home and Aaron said he would go with her then pop in to see his mum. Mark said he was going home to change and shower, Calvin said he needed to do the same, so that just left the three of us.

* * * * * *

I sat down with Zack, side by side on the sofa, Josh was standing by window, staring out. I had the feeling he wanted to say something, because he wasn’t really looking out the window, but kind of fidgeting about. Before I could speak Zack beat me to it, “What do think of Calvin then?” he asked Josh.

Josh turned his head from aimlessly looking out at nothing and faced Zack. “I like him,” he replied.

“Like him, or li…ke him?” Zack said smiling at Josh.

“You know don’t you?” Josh said to Zack. I was listening, but I wasn’t quite sure what the conversation was about, unless, no I dismissed that idea, it was just small talk, what could Zack know?

“Well I know Calvin is gay, the rest I could only guess.” Zack answered. So Calvin’s gay and Josh likes him, so Josh is… gay. No, that’s just my idea, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe myself.

There was a silence whilst Josh struggled with what to say, he looked at me as if he wanted some help. I couldn’t leave him just hanging so I said, “You’ve got something to tell us, whatever it is it’s fine with me Josh,” I said, trying to be reassuring.

“I’m gay,” he said. Just those two words, I know it’s hard to believe, actually it’s not hard to believe, unexpected maybe, unexpected by me, because I’ve been so obcessed by myself lately. It suddenly all fitted together, he wanted to talk to me before about how he was not like his brother or what his family expected. I thought it was all about not wanting to choose a respectable career and study like his brother, but it was more than that.

I stood up, walked over to him and put my arm around him. “Sit down Josh,” I said, ushering him over to the sofa to sit between me and Aaron. “I’m sorry I put you off when you wanted to talk before,” I told him.

“It’s OK Mikey, I understand. You had your own stuff going on.”

“What happened with you and Calvin?” Zack asked.

“He stayed here, obviously, we talked a lot, that’s about it. I think maybe he likes me, actually he must like me, else he wouldn’t have listened to me going on and on all night. I doubt he got more than a couple of hours sleep.”

“It should have been me you were talking to Josh, really I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. Doubly sorry, when you were right behind me, behind us,” I looked over at Zack.

“Well I’m not sure it would have worked talking to you Mikey. Calvin was very nice, he’s a great listener.”

“He is a nice guy,” Zack said.

“Why wouldn’t it have worked talking to me,” I asked.

“Because Mikey,” Josh looked at me, a hint of sadness in his eyes. “Because I had a crush on you.”

I didn’t know what to say, Josh who was always so shy and a bit prudish, is not only gay, but had a crush on me, and for the past two weeks we’ve been sleeping in the same bedroom. I looked at Zack, then back to Josh.

“I don’t know what to say Josh, I’m sorry” I turned and kissed him on the cheek. “You know I like you a lot, you are a great friend, a really great friend. I just… I don’t…”

Josh interupted me. “Mikey, you don’t need to say it, you don’t feel the same, I know, that’s no ones fault, you don’t have to be sorry for that. It’s just the way it is.”

Zack and I both put our arms around him at exactly the same time. Doing that together was weird and I couldn’t help laughing. Zack joined in and then Josh, so suddenly we were each holding one another laughing.

* * * * * *

We passed the rest of the afternoon just chilling out, chatting and listening to music. When Aaron got back, it must have been around 8PM.

“Aaron,” I said. “This is gonna seem pretty weird but Josh wants to tell you something important.” I looked at Josh.

“Well I’ll just tell you straight up, I’m getting used to telling people now, I’m gay as well as Mikey and Zack.” Josh waited for Aaron’s reaction.

“So you’ve been keeping that a close secret and now everyone’s coming out.” Aaron smiled and his smile turned into laughter. “No, I’m sorry Josh, I’m not laughing at you, but you got to admit it’s pretty funny.”

Josh smiled, “Yeah, I guess it is, but it also hasn’t been easy.”

“No, I can only try to imagine,” Aaron replied. “It must be tough, but hey, listen, I’m here for you, I’ve got no problem with any of this.”

“Yeah thanks Aaron, you’re one of the good guys,” Josh said.

“I don’t know about that, but just one little question if we’re being honest and revealing secrets this weekend. You and Mikey knew each other was gay, I mean you’ve been sharing a room the past two weeks?” Aaron addressed his question to Josh, but I stepped in to answer.

“Aaron,” I said. “When you have a secret like that it’s very hard to come out to people, even to friends, and weird as it might seem, I just found out today, like you did.” I was not going to get into the stuff about Josh having a crush and wanting to talk etc. Best keep things simple and sometimes private things are best kept private, you don’t need to tell the whole world everything, even friends.

“Yes, I can understand that,” Aaron replied. “I tried to get my mum to talk about my adpotion again, but she wouldn’t. She just clammed up, like always, saying that some things are best not talked about, that it was too difficult. So you see, I can understand, even if it’s not at all the same thing.”

“So how was she, your mum,” I asked.

“Oh you know Mikey, just going on about whether I was eating properly and all that kinda stuff. If I’m gonna get anywhere with the adoption questions I’ll have to talk to my grandfather.”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“And what about Sammy?” Josh asked him.

Aaron smiled, put on his best Humphrey Bogart impersonation, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” he said, and had us all rolling around laughing.

Next- Aaron gets a step closer to the truth…

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