The Year We Grew Up – Chapter Four.

Sunday Morning.

It’s one thing hanging around with your old school friends, but when you’re actually living together things can happen that you never even thought about. And if you never expected them it’s a huge surprise. My biggest worry was sharing a bedroom with Josh, there was no alternative because that’s what we had arranged and there were only two bedrooms, a double and a single. I know it’s nothing and I had playfully brushed it off, but the morning I’d woken up with a hard on after dreaming about Aaron kind of had me spooked. Not at the time, but after, when I thought about it. You see it was obviously a recipe for disaster. By that I mean it was something that I had no control over and could easily reveal to everyone that I was gay. I just kept turning this over and over in my head.

Most of the time I’m pretty much in control, like when we are talking together about stuff, I watch what I say. Not all the time, of course, it depends on the topic, but the other evening we were sitting around talking and got into discussing same sex marriage. I’m not sure how we got around to that topic, maybe it was Aaron who had the news on his laptop. I think it must have been from Aaron, because I remember Josh saying his parents were dead against it. I asked him why and he started going on about the bible and how conservative his parents were, that the priest at the local church had talked about a demonstration against passing the law.

Aaron didn’t seem to have any opinion on the matter, it didn’t seem to interest him too much, which is odd because, like I said, I’m sure it was him who started talking about it. I don’t want to appear paranoid here, but living close together just kept me thinking over and over that a lot of stuff was going unsaid and that it concerned me. More precisely it concerned me being gay. It’s my own fault, I know that, if you keep a big secret like that from the two guys you’re living with, then it can’t be a big surprise if you become obsessed about it and think everything is about you and your secret. The problem was, I knew I couldn’t live here keeping the secret, I moved out of home because I couldn’t face telling my dad. I had to figure out how to tell Aaron and Josh, but maybe not right now.

You don’t realise until you’re living away from home all the things you need to do that you never considered before you moved out. At least, I never considered them. That’s how Sunday morning found me down the road sitting in the laundromat waiting for my clothes to finish washing. Nothing is more boring, I started off watching my washing tumbling first one way, then the other in the big drum of the industrial washing machine. It’s crazy, like you are sitting there watching the TV, but it’s just washing going round and round. The place was deserted, had a distinct smell of soap, it was funny really because whilst it smelled of soap, you wouldn’t exactly say it was clean. There was an old newspaper on the plastic table between the wooden bench seat and row of machines, the large bin in the corner was almost overflowing. I guess it gets cleaned and emptied Monday morning.

It seemed to take forever just like when you have to sit in the waiting room at the doctor. I said to myself, ‘You better get used to it, because your going to be a regular’. Then something unexpected happened to cheer me up. The glass door opened and in walked this good looking young guy with a bag load of washing. I couldn’t help looking at him, he had long straight black hair that almost hid his eyes, swept across his forehead, but it was the streak of pink hair that caught my attention.

He must have noticed me looking, but he said nothing, just dumped the sack of washing on the floor and then started loading the machine. When he’d finished, he went back towards the front where the coin machine was. He had on tight black jeans with a silver metal chain hanging on the left hip in a loop and those jeans really showed off his nice little ass which I also couldn’t help looking at.

You must know like I do, that there is some kind of human sense that tells you when someone is watching you even if you can’t see because you have your back to them. When he’d put the money in the coin machine and selected the number to start the wash he turned back around, flicked his hair out of his eyes and looked directly at me. He had a big smile on his face and it was then I noticed the silver ear rings, one in each ear. He held my eyes with his, maybe just for a second, but it was long enough for me to feel my cheeks getting warm. Now I was embarassed because I must be blushing, I looked away.

Although the place was empty apart from the two of us he came over and sat down on the bench right next to me. My heart started beating faster, I thought to myself he will hear my heart pumping away. I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t speak. He moved his leg to knock against mine, which sent an electric shock from my leg right through my body.

“Your washing’s finished,” he said.

“Ugh… oh yeah,” was all I could get out.

I was in some sort of state of shock, but I managed to get up, empty the machine into a plastic laundry basket and carry it across to fill the dryer. That gave me a little recovery time, until the dryer was loaded and I had to turn around to face him. He was just sitting there, the big smile on his face. I moved to the coin machine at the front to start the dryer, put the coins in, hit the button and turned back to sit down. I took my place back next to him.

I was all tensed up sitting next to him, but I just knew it would be odd if I sat anywhere else. After a couple of seconds his leg knocked against mine again.

“Zack,” he said.

I was so shocked by this whole encounter I just sat dead still, I knew I should acknowledge him, but I couldn’t get the words out.

“You?” He asked. I looked at him like some kind of village idiot. “You got a name?” He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Michael, friends call me Mikey.” There I managed to get it out.

“Mikey, I like that,” he replied and playfully touched my leg with his. “Guess we’re friends then.”

I looked at him and felt my cheeks were not just warm, they were on fire. I leaned forward on the bench and rested my head in my hands in an attempt to hide. He put his hand on the top of my leg, half way up between the knee and my thigh and I felt my cock grow hard at his touch.

“You alright, Mikey,” he asked. His hand stayed on my leg.

I straightened up. “Yes, I’m fine. It’s just a bit warm in here.”

He lifted his hand off my leg and then with the back of his hand gently touched my cheek. “Yep, you’re pretty warm,” he smiled again. “You must live local,” he asked.

“Yeah, we just moved in to an apart up the road, over the newsagent.” I was beginning to calm down now, but immediately regretted giving too much information. I thought now he knows where I live.

“We?” He questioned.

“Yes, me Josh and Aaron, we share the place.”

He smiled again. “I live just across the main street. Sydney Avenue, number 31, I’ve got a tiny single room on the top floor, in the attic. There all big old houses over there.”

I had mostly recovered myself now we were engaged in conversation. “You lived here long?”

“Oh a little over a year. It was a bit of luck that I found it. A friend of mine was moving out and said I could take it over from him. Like I said, it’s tiny, but it’s just about affordable.”

“Yeah, that’s why we’re sharing, couldn’t do it without splitting the rent three ways.” Now I had recoved I was enjoying talking to Zack, but I kept wondering is he trying to pick me up? No, I told myself, he can’t be. You don’t go to do your laundry and bump in to someone who just happens to be hot and gay. No, doesn’t happen, only in fantasies, not in real life.

“You should call round Mikey and I’ll show you my tiny attic.”

“Yeah OK, I will,” I told him. Why did I say that? Just being nice I suppose, but I don’t even know the guy and this could get me in serious trouble. “And sometime soon I guess we will have a house warming party, so you can get to see our place.”

“I’d like that,” he said. “I think your washing’s done,” he added.

And that was that, I emptied the dryer and left Zack alone finishing his own washing. As I walked back up to the apartment I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened. It was exciting and scary all rolled into one.


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