The Year We Grew Up – Chapter Eleven.


I find it hard to believe that so much could happen in such a short space of time. Thinking about it, over the past six or seven years I’d managed to get on with my life without loads of drama or confrontations. I guess there is always a price to pay for everything in life and for those relatively peaceful teenage years the cost was living a lie and never being who I really was.

Was it the right choice? That is difficult to say, but I tend to think it was, things could have been a whole lot worse if I had told everybody I was gay when I didn’t have the force to deal with the consequences. Judging by how difficult it is to come out at nineteen, I don’t think it would have been a good move to have made before. Now I had my friends support and most important of all I had Zack.

Saturday night he suggested we go out to a gay club in town and although a little nervous at the idea, I agreed. I had never been inside a gay club before, I had taken a look, by that I mean that I had walked past the door, but I felt embarassed passing by the men who were milling around outside. I don’t know why I should have felt like that, I guess it was a bit intimidating. I even noticed some hot guys who looked about my age, but I had to look away when one of them glanced in my direction. Maybe I’m just too shy and awkward, but I walked on past and never had the courage to go inside.

It was around 11:30 when we got to the club and like that first experience there were several guys standing around outside, but this time Zack led the way through the door and up to a little counter. The young man at the counter smiled at Zack, “Who’s this cutie you’ve got with you?” He said, looking me up and down.

“My boyfriend, Mikey,” Zack replied.

“Ouh… what a shame, he’s taken!” This guy’s mannerism was quite effeminate, but he was not bad looking, maybe one too many ear rings.

Zack handed over the entrance fee, put out his arm and the guy stamped an ink impression, then looked over to me. I put my arm out to receive the same and he took hold of my hand as he stamped my arm. “Welcome Mikey,” he said, looking directly at me. “Now you know where we are, we might see you again, um?”

I guess the ‘um’ was a sort of question directed at me, I just nodded and took my arm back. Zack took hold of me and led us through the two swing doors into the club. You could hear the buzz of talking mixed with music outside, but walking through those doors you were suddenly hit by the noise, the heat and the crowd.

Following Zack, who kept his hold on my arm, we worked our way to the bar. It wasn’t that far, because from what I could see the place was not huge, but covering the distance from entrance to bar was time enough to get the odd remark, “Well… hellooo!” Someone said, but I couldn’t see who.

At the bar Zack caught the attention of a guy in leather with a very hairy chest who was serving, he handed over two slips of paper and leaned towards the barman so he could hear Zack’s order. Pretty quickly the guy was back with two glasses of something filled with crushed ice and little paper umbrellas.

I examined the glass as Zack handed it to me, the liquid inside was almost clear with just a tinge of green and what looked like a slice of lime floating there. Zack spoke close up to my ear, “It’s tequila,” he said smiling. He’d let go of my arm when we reached the bar, so I plucked out the little umbrella and took a sip. It was quite strong and had the taste of lime, “Not bad,” I said and Zack winked at me.

When we had finished the tequilas Zack got us two beers and we moved away from the bar where people were jostling for space, through the crowd towards the back. All the time the music was filling the air with a rythmic electro beat and I guess you could say the place was buzzing. The area towards the rear was calmer, dark, with a few tables and a bench seat that followed the wall zigzaging across the back of the room. We sat down together in the only space available between what looked like a couple on my left and a group on Zack’s right.

For the first time I could look around and take in what I could see of the scene, which wasn’t that much. The guys next to me were talking and drinking, but I couldn’t really hear what they were saying. I noticed after a bit that Zack was talking with the guy sitting next to him, who up until now I hadn’t paid any attention to.

Zack leaned back on the bench and pulled me across saying, “Mikey, this is Tom.”

I looked past Zack straight at Tom who was also leaning in towards me. “Hi,” I said, taking in the guy I was greeting. Blond spikey hair, neat coloured T shirt, black ear ring inserted in his ear lobe, the sort that makes your ear lobe extended. He was very hot, really good looking, I was taken aback by his presence. I noticed his hand was on Zack’s thigh as he was leaning over.

“Mikey, nice,” he smiled, perfect white teeth, small rounded lips, I think my heart jumped a beat.

He leaned into Zack, his hand still on Zack’s thigh, he spoke to Zack, but I couldn’t hear what he said. Now all sorts of things were going through my head, this guy was without doubt hot, but was he coming on to Zack? I felt the pangs of jealousy, an emotion I hadn’t felt since I was very much younger, but it hit me full on that I didn’t want to lose Zack to someone else.

Zack put his arm over my shoulder, “He’s pretty hot, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I suppose,” I replied.

Zack ruffled my hair. “Don’t be jealous Mikey,” he said. “I wouldn’t do anything without you.”

“What does that mean?” I asked him, wondering what ‘doing anything’ meant.

“A threesome!” Zack’s hand was gripping my waist now.

I don’t think I could take everything in, my mind was going into overload, gay club, hot guy, Zack, three in a bed. “I… I’m not sure,” I was looking at Zack, but at the same time watching Tom out of the corner of my eye.

“Hey guys,” Tom interupted whilst all these things were buzzing around inside my head. “I just saw some friends, catch you both later.”

With that he got up and walked into the crowd, my eyes followed him, I couldn’t help myself, tight jeans worn low, Calvin briefs, red and black, neat little ass, he seemed small, but perfect.

“You want to sleep three in a bed?” I posed the question to Zack.

“Wait, I’ll be right back, I’m gonna get some beers,” he said and disappeared after Tom.

Before I had time to think much about what just happened a guy sat down next to me. “Hi there, I’m Lawrence,” he introduced himself holding out his hand.

Not wanting to be impolite I took hold of his hand. “Mikey,” I said.

He was still holding my hand. “Mikey, you like to top or bottom?” He asked.

Well I knew enough to realise this was a pick up, even for a first time in a gay club I was not that naive. “Sorry,” I said. “I’m here with my boyfriend.”

It was just as if he didn’t hear me, because he simply carried on. He let go of my hand, but only to move his hand to my thigh. “I reckon a boy like you would love to get fucked,” he continued. “I bet it makes you hard when I say that.” His hand was moving towards my crotch searching for my cock. Strangely enough, he wasn’t wrong, although I wasn’t there to be picked up, I was there with Zack, but when he said ‘I reckon you would love to get fucked’ my cock got hard. It’s like magic, ‘get fucked’ gave me an instant hard on.

At that moment Zack appeared carrying two beers. “Excuse me,” he said to the guy next to me. “You’re trying to pick up my boyfriend.”

He didn’t reply, but stood up and walked off. “Can’t leave you alone five minutes can I,” Zack said handing me a beer and grinning.

“What about Tom then?” I asked him.

“He’s hot don’t you think?” Zack said giving me a squeeze.

“Yes, he’s hot, but do you want to sleep with him?” I replied.

“Only if you do Mikey, the three of us.”

I wasn’t sure I could do that, but then again why not, Tom, Zack and me, it’s exciting. Just as I was sitting back on the bench sipping my beer, who should appear, standing right there in front of us, Calvin.

“Mikey, Zack,” he said. “Incredible meeting you both here.”

Well I guess he was as surprised as I was, but incredible! I don’t know, because like I said the place wasn’t that big and I don’t think either that there are so many places to go on a Saturday night, gay venues that is.

“Let’s dance,” Calvin reached out with his hand and took hold of me, pulling me up.

“Go on Mikey, I’ll still be here when you get back,” Zack smiled.

We squeezed our way back through the crowds to the dance floor which was hardly any less crowded than the rest of the place, but people were bobbing around and moving to the music, which seemed much louder here. Calvin put both arms round my neck and he started swaying with the hypnotic beat. I was soon pulled into the rythm and moving with him.

I think now I must finally have let go as I soon found myself lost in the music, the changing colours and swaying crowd. I hardly even paid attention to Calvin who had removed his arms from around my neck and was turning and moving through the dancers. It’s as if he wound me up like a spinning top and now I too was moving and weaving through the guys on the dance floor.

The beat changed, sort of hiccupped, then took off again with more intensity. Suddenly arms were wrapped around me from behind and as I twisted around expecting Calvin to be back, or Zack, I looked into the eyes of Tom. He didn’t speak, that was practically impossible, but he moved in close hugging my body to his, gyrating with the constant beat.

I could see small beads of sweat trickling down the side of his face, he appeared almost angelic in the light and now rising cool ice smoke. How do they do that? A cloud of fresh mist drifted refreshingly across the dance floor. Suddenly the tempo changed again, Tom was still holding me close, he brought his face towards me and kissed my cheek then moved back, now holding me almost at arms length. Moving with the unceasing beat, it was the most sexy thing, pretty much a perfect gesture, without saying a word he just told me he found me attractive but didn’t want to steal me away from Zack.

I know that sounds incredible, and maybe I just imagined it was like that, or maybe I wanted to disperse any guilt, I might just have made it all up in my head, but that’s exactly what I felt at that moment.

A hand on my shoulder and I looked up, this time it was Zack. He pulled me close and kissed my lips, he to was moving with the beat. He held me with one arm on his left side swaying around he looked over to Tom and pulled him close with his other arm. Now all three of us were dancing around each other.

Zack’s right hand gripped Tom’s neck, pulled him in closer and he kissed him on the lips. Zack looked at me, then Tom, we looked at each other. Tentatively I inclined my head towards Tom, our lips touched then parted, even more sexy than a deep kiss.

We stayed dancing together for sometime as the music changed, boomed out, cut back and continued, the beat never ceasing. Finally, we went together over to the bar, ordered three beers and found somewhere to sit down again. By this time I think it was getting late, we’d completely lost Calvin, I don’t know where he went.

As we were finishing up our beers, no one was talking, Tom was squeezed in between Zack and me, my thigh was pressed up against his, Zack spoke up. “You coming back with us Tom?” He asked.

Tom smiled, looked at Zack, then me. “I’d like that,” he said.

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