The Year We Grew Up

Three young men endeavour to navigate their way through life, overcome the obstacles that life throws at them and make a future for themseleves. It’s a voyage of self discovery where secrets are revealed and where they must confront their relationships with each other and with their families.

Copyright © 2016 William King; All Rights Reserved.

Chapter One – Leaving Home

Chapter Two – Moving In

Chapter Three – Living Together

Chapter Four – Sunday Morning

Chapter Five – Visiting Roland

Chapter Six – Zack’s Place

Chapter Seven – The Party Kicks Off

Chapter Eight – Outspoken

Chapter Nine – The Next Day

Chapter Ten – Confrontations

Chapter Eleven – Clubbing

Chapter Twelve – Bad News

Chapter Thirteen – Families

Chapter Fourteen – Surprise Visit

Chapter Fifteen – Missing

Chapter Sixteen – Adam

Chapter Seventeen – Revelations

Chapter Eighteen – Using People

Chapter Nineteen – If You Can Talk It’s Good

Chapter Twenty – Good Friends and Good News

Chapter Twenty One – Resolution

Chapter Twenty Two – Unfinished

Complete – last three chapters published.