The intense heat and desolation hit you immediately the journey begins at the sordid truck stop, where sex is sold as easily as a beer. Jabez, the boy they call John, is a candy seller working for the hotel barman, a magician who can read people. But there is another reality, the Palace of Dreams where Jabez is the guide to strange events and pleasures. A bond is formed in the search to find El Cuervo de Plata (The Silver Crow).

Chapter 1 – Truck Stop

Chapter 2 – El Palacio de los Sueños (The Palace of Dreams)

Chapter 3 – Waiting

Chapter 4 – The Message

Chapter 5 – El Jardín Perfumado (The Scented Garden)

Chapter 6 – The Arrival

Chapter 7 – La Terraza Sobre el Mar (The Terrace Over the Sea)

Chapter 8 – Los Acantilados Verdes (The Green Cliffs)

Chapter 9 – The Silver Crow

Chapter 10 – The Initiation

Chapter 11 – The Devil Within

Chapter 12 – Indian Spirits

Chapter 13 – High Places

Chapter 14 – Resolution

Chapter 15 – Parting



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