Absolute Beginners


A moment in the lives of two young people, Alexander (Alex) Weston and Mathew (Matty) Tetherton, and of those around them, and others whose paths they cross.

A series of books that tell their story.

The lyrics of the song by David Bowie just about sum it up:

As long as we’re together
The rest can go to hell
I absolutely love you
But we’re absolute beginners
With eyes completely open
But nervous all the same

Book One – I’ll Kiss You in the Rain.

A moment in the lives of three young people. Alex, the principal character who narrates the story is a gay teenager who hides his real self until he discovers his best friend is gay. An unexpected encounter with Jake, who is older and more experienced, leads Alex on a voyage of self discovery. No one is perfect, not even the angelic Matty, Alex’s best friend, they all have their secrets and it’s never going to be easy.

Contents warning: the original unabridged chapters contain graphic sex scenes.

Chapter One – An Unknown Country.

Chapter Two – The Incident.

Chapter 3 – Revelations.

Chapter 4 – Deception.

Chapter 5 – Calling Matty.

Chapter 6 – Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Chapter 7 – First Time.       Chapter 7 – First Time (original unabridged).

Chapter 8 – Answers.

Chapter 9 – Drugs.

Chapter 10 – Semi-Final Day.     Chapter 10 – Semi-Final Day (original unabridged)

Chapter 11 – In The Park.

Chapter 12 – Brandon.

Chapter 13 – Jonathan and Jake.     Chapter 13 – Jonathan and Jake (original unabridged).

Chapter 14 – Matty.

Chapter 15 – A Secret Revealed.

Chapter 16 – Ryan.

Chapter 17 – Matty Meets Jake.

Chapter 18 – Questions and Answers.

Chapter 19 – Jake and Us.

Book Two – Time May Change Me.

When you ‘come out’ it’s not always over in one go, sometimes it’s more complicated. When you’ve found the person you love you don’t want to be apart, sometimes it’s not that easy. Alex and Matty must confront the obstacles thrown in front of them and deal with an episode from the past that they thought was all over with, but which comes back with disastrous consequences.

Chapter 1 – Jake’s Back

Chapter 2 – Questions and Secrets

Chapter 3 – Still Waters Run Deep

Chapter 4 – Persona non grata

Chapter 5 – From Bad to Worse

Chapter 6 – Dire Consequences

Chapter 7 – Exile

Chapter 8 – The North

Chapter 9 – Escape to the coast

Chapter 10 – Journey’s end

Chapter 11 – Is All Well That Ends Well?

Chapter 12 – Isn’t Life Strange

Chapter 13 – Cannabis

Chapter 14 – The Party

Chapter 15 – The Secret

Chapter 16 – Everyone’s Got Their Life

Chapter 17 – Wake-up Call

Chapter 18 – Bad Things Happen


3 Responses to Absolute Beginners

  1. crazyd1965 says:

    Will there be a book three?😁I really hope so I would love to know they end up together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m currently writing another book, but I won’t forget about Alex and Matty. I need the space and a bit of time before embarking on book three, but yes, the story will continue, just not sure when.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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