This gay kid likes me… be careful!

Gay boys still need to be careful. We may live in the 21st century, with changing attitudes about sexuality and perhaps more acceptance, but just look what some guys wrote on this forum.

Some gay kid stares at me whenever I’m around him.
It’s creepy (I’m not gay)

Go to him and punch him in the face.

Play ‘Panic! At The Disco: This Is Gospel’ infront of him.

Tell him you love him Tehe

ask him if he actually likes you
if he says yes (and he’s cute) just say sorry but I’m not interested as I’m straight.
if he’s not cute tell him to fuck off
no im not gay

Hit him until he becomes hetero

I’ll say wanna date jk I’m not gayeeee

If he was Saudia Arabian, he’d say “Go to him and decapitate him”

I like his advice
I’ll sucker punch him

Tell him you’re not interested before it’s too late

What you do is:
If he’s not cute “No ugly fag”
If he’s cute “Ok but you are bottom and I’m closing my eyes”

Well okay, maybe there’s some joking around going on there, but there is also some stuff lurking which is not nice, not nice at all. It could have bad consequences, physical and emotional.

Maybe you can handle it, but I would prefer to play it safe.

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One Response to This gay kid likes me… be careful!

  1. JackW8890 says:

    Even if they are joking these are cruel things to say to someone. To be honest though I ashamed to admit I have said some of those myself.


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