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 Novels and short stories mostly with a gay theme.

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Refugee  :  This book is currently being rewritten and professionally edited.

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Refugee by William King – First Edition


Absolute Beginners.

I’ll Kiss You in the Rain is the first book of the series called Absolute Beginners. It introduces Alex, Matty, and Jake. The story continues in the second book Time May Change Me, which focuses on Alex and Matty, and ‘coming out’.

Absolute Beginners – Book One (Chapter List).

I’ll Kiss You in the Rain is a moment in the lives of three young people. Alex, the principal character who narrates the story is a gay teenager who hides his real self until he discovers his best friend is gay. An unexpected encounter with Jake, who is older and more experienced, leads Alex on a voyage of self discovery. No one is perfect, not even the angelic Matty, Alex’s best friend, they all have their secrets and it’s never going to be easy. 

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 Beginners – Book Two (Chapter List)

Time May Change Me – When you ‘come out’ it’s not always over in one go, sometimes it’s more complicated. When you’ve found the person you love you don’t want to be apart, sometimes it’s not that easy. Alex and Matty must confront the obstacles thrown in front of them and deal with an episode from the past that they thought was all over with, but which comes back with disastrous consequences.

Rompecabezas – The intense heat and desolation hits you immediately the journey begins at the sordid truck stop, where sex is sold as easily as a beer. Jabez, the boy they call John, is a candy seller working for the hotel barman, a magician who can read people. But there is another reality, the Palace of Dreams where Jabez is the guide to strange events and pleasures. A bond is formed in the search to find El Cuervo de Plata (The Silver Crow).

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The Year We Grew Up.

Three young men endeavour to navigate their way through life, overcome the obstacles that life throws at them and make a future for themseleves. It’s a voyage of self discovery where secrets are revealed and where they must confront their relationships with each other and with their families.


Part One – Exodus


Can you imagine the future when you are thirteen years old? When you’ve lost everything? From the ruins of war in a bombed out town in Syria; the desperation of refugee camps; and slum cities in Turkey, the paramount goal is safety and the impossible: Europe. This story is of our time and does not shy away from harsh reality. There is abuse, exploitation, huge risk, suffering and pain, but there is also romance and a few good souls.

Part Two – The Land of Promise

REF2 Cover

Samir and Amar have made it out of war torn Syria, they left behind all their friends, and in Turkey found a new friend, Firas. Sadly Burhan, the old man who gave a home to the boys in Gaziantep, passed away. Their hope now rests in the hands of Jordan, a young American, who has promised to take them with him to Antalya, a coastal town about a days journey from Gaziantep, and a step closer to the land of promise.



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